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Pretty Cool.

I agree with the last review in that this isnt the sort of stuff most people on here are into, and because of that I guess alot of them wouldnt vote very high on it.

I listened to it, and found it to be quite an interesting bit of composing. If you had replaced your piano pad with some kind of saw synth, replace the piano with some kind of synth lead, and made the bass a bit heavier; then posted in the techno section, Im sure you wouldve got a better response.

When it comes to the actual notes, the music itself, this is really quite a nice piece. Its understandable why you like it alot.

4/5 _-=+=-_ 8/10

MonkeyV responds:

Thanks for the review.

Yeah, I suppose it wouldn't be hard to convert it into techno, but it just wouldn't sound as nice (or original) y'know?

Nicely Done!

I must admit, for the first 30 seconds I was a bit put off. I was gonna give it a 2 if it didnt improve. But it did. It rose to a 3, and then I thought it might rise again, so I kept listening, then at 1:15 I decided it was 4 material. I had a feeling itd improve, and it did, but there was a part at 4:15 when (whatever instrument it is) comes in, I think the second half of the little 4 chord progression thing it was doing sounded a bit odd, then the lazer gun sounding thing at 5:15 sorta overlapped with the thing that was playing before it and it sounded like too much was going on for a little bit. But that was fixed within 20 seconds. All round I thought it was pretty cool! Much better than anything I could ever do. Oh, and the part I didnt like at the start sounded pretty cool when it came in again at 6:45.

4/5 and 9/10!


Seriously, this is better than alot of the mainstream stuff.

mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks for the kind words and review my friend! I personally don't think this song can quite stand up to the likes of the pros, but then again, that's just my personal opinion. Thanks again though! =D

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